Retail Programs

Retail solutions are our passion, and we work closely with our retail partners to develop programs that address their business needs and improve the experience of their shoppers, including:

  • Varietal selections
  • Availability
  • Shelf presentation
  • Promotional support
  • Contract pricing
  • Category management
  • Private labeling

Plant Breeding & Licensing

Our innovative varieties, developed by sister companies Citrus Genesis and SNFL Group, deliver unique value to our retail customers:

  • Superior eating quality
  • More intense and unique flavor
  • Absence of seeds
  • Improved timing (early or late)
  • Innovative size, shape or peel pigmentation


Responsibile Supply Chain

We have strategically partnered with 250 suppliers around the world who are equally committed to sustainable business practices and observe ethical, social and environmental standards. As a responsible company, we continually strive to improve what we consider to be the fundamental tenets of our philosophy:

  • Principles
  • Talent
  • Product
  • Planet partnership