We source grapes from all key source countries, from our own farming operations and working with our specially selected grower partners. We work only with growers that meet our high quality standards and share our passion for innovation.

By identifying, supporting and working with the best growers and breeders globally, enables us to procure and develop the finest table grapes for major US retailers. See our availability here.

  • We pride ourselves on investing for the future
  • Creation of ‘Growers Clubs’ providing the best access to new varieties
  • Looking for innovative new varieties brought to the market faster for the benefit of the industry and customer
  • We work closely with our growers to ensure the best possible product is available to our customers
  • Complete support for our growers in terms of supply chain and access to customers

Green seedless


Sheegene 21

An exciting new early-season variety ripening at the same as Sugarone. Large, uniform berries with crisp texture and excellent flavor.


Sheegene 2

Named in honor of breeder Tim Sheehan, Timpsons ripens 1 week before Thompson. This is a superb mid-season variety, with a hint of muscat flavor.

Great Green™

Sheegene 17

A new late white seedless just released by Sheehan Genetics. 'Great Green' ripens 3 weeks after Thompson and produces excellent crops of uniform, very large berries with crisp texture and great flavor.


Sheegene 18

One of the more recent varieties from Sheehan Genetics, 'Kelly' is attracting a great deal of interest worldwide. Ripens 2 weeks later than Thompson. Good flavor and crisp texture.


Sheegene 9

"Melanie" ripens 1 week after Sugarone and produces large clusters of uniform, crisp berries. This variety has performed very well in the post-harvest trials.


Sheegene 4

This late-season variety is now widely planted in California. Heavy crops, large bunches and large uniform berries. 4-7 Week later than Thompson.

Red Seedless

Russell’s Pride™

Sheegene 10

Ripens 2 weeks after Flame and produces large bunches of good-sized berries with a unique 'electric pink' color.


Sheegene 12

An excellent mid-season red seedless with exceptional, 'fruit' flavor due to the perfect sugar-acid balance. Large berry size and crisp texture.


Sheegene 3

Magenta is one of our most sought-after varieties and is now widely planted in Spain and Peru. 10 Days later than Ralli Seedless, it produces large berries with a striking 'magenta pink' color. The Flavor is also unique being reminiscent of cherries.


Sheegene 13

Another great variety named in honor of breeder Tim Sheehan. Timco ripens just before Crimson and produces large crops of big, uniform berries with a great flavor.


Sheegene 20

This late-season red seedless ripens some 2 weeks after Crimson, allowing growers to extend their season with a highly productive, large fruited, crisp texture grape, which also has great flavor.

Black seedless



This is a superb black seedless which ripens just before Autumn Royal. Full colour is achieved naturally with no need for ethrel. Heavy cropper with large, fully flavoured berries and crisp texture.

Seeded & Seedless Specialty


GA 1-4

A delightfully different grape - more like a berry. Strawgrape produces heavy crops of small fruit on a small to medium bunches. Fruit is deep red, with a beautiful bloom, and an exquisite strawberry flavor.

Early Red Globe™

Sheegene 5

Many of our partners still require high quality seeded grapes for specific customers. Our Early Red Globe ripens 3 weeks before standard Red Globe, and has a better eating quality.

Black Moon™

Sheegene 16

An excellent variety for markets which still appreciate good Globes. Large, jet black berries with crisp texture and great flavor.