AMC North America delivers fresh fruit to the North America market through their innovative breeding, farming, packing and supply chain models.  We service our customers with year-round supplies of the very best varieties of citrus, grapes and other commodities. AMC North America is a subsidiary of the AMC Group, a family of companies driven by innovation.

What's New

AMC North America announces a new look! The new logo and website, launched in October 2016 show the groups alignment to the parent company, The AMC Group.

Winner Winner

For the second year in a row a group of courageous fresh riders made a long journey to promote the Freggie™ Program.

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Go Pink

In celebration of our new logo, AMC Goes Pink!  AMC North America donated $520 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in October as a result of a successful campaign to raise funds during PMA’s Fresh Summit.

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